Membership Criteria:

To be a member of the UK Bangla Reporters Unity, you must be a journalist/reporter of Bengali press or media. Educational Qualification: Reporters should have minimum of intermediate or graduate level education. If members are accepted with relaxed educational qualifications, then respected member will not be able to perform role of office bearers in the UKBRU.

Life Member: Any person who believes in progressive thinking can get lifetime membership of the UK Bangla Reporters Unity by submitting the prescribed fee. Once again in this case of relaxing of educational qualifications, the respected life member UK will not be able to perform any important role within the UKBRU but will be able to vote, give feedback and take part in other opportunities.

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Recognition :

To recognise to work and to inspire members, the UKBRU will award annually multiple members, for example, for the best investigative report or the best research based report.

Secondly, if possible, every year a prominent journalist outside the organisation will be awarded by the UKBRU to honour their work. Similarly, other prominent citizens of the community can be honoured.

As it is a non-proportional organisation, donations & fees from the membership will be used for the welfare for its members. The money raised will ensure spending on other humanitarian activities for the welfare of the people in accordance with the plans of the UKBRU.

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